Chainsaw Video is your online source for everything related to horror movies and cult classics. Established in 2008, we are now serving fans and moviegoers for 10 long years. Just like horror movies that started decades ago, Chainsaw Video continues to get with the times and evolve as a provider of the latest news, content, and reviews for you.

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The team

Chainsaw Video was conceptualized by a group of 10 people from the same movie industry who just loved horror movies. They would talk about the details of the movies they saw and find the best and worst points of the film. One of us submitted a review of the recent film being shown in the local cinema and it got printed the next day.

We decided that we needed to share our talents and our keen eye of observation to the general public. That is we gathered our funds and started to build a website dedicated to horror movies and cult classics.

We do not want to buy traffic for website that is too broad. The horror genre is wide enough. And we did not want to deal with something that we really did not like. This is why, we created Chainsaw Video, a source for website visitors that love watching and experiencing horror movies.

Unbiased review

Chainsaw Video provides an unbiased review of past and present horror movies for fans and other people who are seeking honest evaluations of films. We guarantee our subscribers that they will not be fooled into reading paid reviews movies. We will not use tech blogs to promote movies unless they are really worth your money and your time.

On our website, you will get a mix of good reviews, bad reviews, and mediocre reviews. We do not want to hurt the sales of movies. But they should know those good movies with good content sell. Bad movie equates to bad reviews. But for some films who do not make an effort in producing movies, we also rate mediocrity in movies.

Not just movies

In 2013, we launched a new version of Chainsaw Video. We started to search for short films, videos, and other real-life events and check them if they are telling the truth or not.
We evaluate the authenticity of ghost videos, paranormal activity, and other real accounts of supernatural events. Examples of these would be a rain of blood, perpetual cold water, crying statues, medical miracles, and others.


This site really gives honest reviews about movies. They keep it real when a movie is not good in terms of presentation, CGI, story, or cast. They do not have to buy website traffic because they have a lot of avid viewers who believe in the content that they provide.

I would suggest everyone who loves a good scare from a horror movie to subscribe to Chainsaw Video. Website visitors flock to this site to get the latest news and updates about the latest movies and upcoming flicks. This site also gives the best and most awesome deals on cinemas or videos.

Anton D.
This guy Ruben really knows what he is talking about. He is a good writer with a keen eye on what should be in a horror movie. He will be a great screenplay writer someday. Give this guy more opportunities to write screenplays for movies. You will not regret it. I am sure of it.

Deejay O.
At first, I thought that Chainsaw Video was just the same old horror movie fan site where you can get news about movies and videos. But this site provides so much more. The people who devoted their time to build a website like this really know what fans are looking for.

Susanne A.

Social media

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