American Horror Movies to Watch (But Not Alone)

Horror movie lovers do not have a preference on where the production the movie was made. But, I think all will agree, that the American movie industry offers some of the best cult and horror movies of all time. Why is that? It may be because American movies have the biggest budget that any movie can have. Even the supposed small budgeted horror movies seem huge compared to the international market.

Another is casting. Hollywood has the best and most beautiful actors around. Combine these qualities with a good plot and you have yourself a fan favorite movie.

What are some of the best US-made horror movies that you should watch?


When we see a shower scene, we automatically associate it with the movie Psycho. This movie is directed by the renowned film director Alfred Hitchcock. It is about a motel with a seemingly odd innkeeper. The secretary of a real estate office was designated to deposit $40,000 to a bank. Instead of doing what she was tasked to do, she instead runs away with the money and wound up in Bates Motel. The sequence of events is not only gut-wrenching but also quite unsettling.


This is more of a thriller than a horror movie. But the iconic scene where the alien comes out of the body of one of the characters still gives me the chills. This movie is directed by another popular director, Ridley Scott.

The movie starts as the ship was going home from its mission when it sensed a distress signal from a nearby planet. But then the chaos starts when an alien forcefully gets out of the team member’s body.

It has a 9 out of 10 rating on Rotten Tomatoes with a 94% audience rating.

Night of the Living Dead

Zombies give one hell of a scare for a lot of people. The plot is quite simple, actually. A group of people is trapped in a farmhouse while a horde of zombies rushes in to eat them. If zombies were website visitors, then I would just have to buy traffic for website instead to prevent them from coming in.

6 thoughts on “American Horror Movies to Watch (But Not Alone)

  1. Alien is terrifying in a way that is unknown to people because the movie revolves around a spaceship with aliens around. Being trapped in a place where you cannot go anywhere but to fight an unknown being will give the audiences a lot of frights and shocks. Not to mention the gore with every kill that the alien made.

  2. Psycho is such an iconic movie. Alfred Hitchcock is a genius in the horror genre. He has a way of including the moviegoer as part of the scene. Before you know it, you are so involved in the plot that you get scared every time an epic scene will occur.

  3. I loved The Walking Dead because of the Night of the Living Dead. Just the thought of mindless zombies who are out to get you is scary enough. And to be trapped in a farmhouse with nowhere else to go should trigger your hopelessness. I would not want to lie in wait for my own death by zombie.

  4. I don’t like to watch horror movies. Not that I’m scared but I don’t want to feed my brain with negative vibes 🙂

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