• What is Chainsaw Video?

Chainsaw Video is your online source for anything related to horror and cult movies. Our team of writers cover the latest movies, review the most popular flicks of the past, give behind-the-scenes footages of local horror movies, and provide other insights about specific and general topics about the genre.

  • Why do you write about horror and cult movies only?

Our team was fascinated with this genre of movies. With every detail of the story comes the hundreds of hours of brainstorming, finding the right angles for the camera, looking for the best cast for the film, and many other aspects that the movie director and products considered to make the whole flick great.

  • I just produced a horror movie. Can you review it?

Yes. You can send us a copy of your movie if you only show the movie in your country. For those who have mainstream films, we can be part of your first screening to give an in-depth review of your movie. We can guarantee you cheap website traffic and honest reviews of your film.

  • Do you link to our own site created for the movie?

Yes. If you are able to build a website for your movie, you can include the URL of the website when you register on the Chainsaw Review. We will create a link to your own website.

  • Do you do paid reviews of movies?

Yes. We accept paid reviews of movies. But it does not mean that we will instantly give a high rating for your movie. But we can assure you of the mileage of your film through advertisements, priority movie for the month, and other kinds of promotions for your movie.

  • How do I contact you?

You can go to our registration page if you have any questions or inquiry regarding our products and services. Provide your personal name, company, the title of the movie, email, and contact number. We will contact you as soon as we can to discuss the matter further.