List of Cult Movies That You Should Get a Copy Of

Cult movies are called as such for a reason. These movies developed a following that no could have ever imagined. Movie producers would want audiences to go and watch the films they create. But cults have a specific quality that makes fanatics out of ordinary moviegoers.

What quality is that? Too difficult to tell. These movies do not have to buy traffic for website. No formula has ever been identified in order to have a cult following for a movie. But one thing is for sure. The list of movies below has evolved into cult films that people want to watch over and over again.

Pulp Fiction

With an all-star cast of John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, and Uma Thurman, you could instantly tell that you have a good movie on your hands. Pulp Fiction is directed by film expert Quentin Tarantino.

This movie consists of three interrelated stories in chronological order. The iconic scene of Pulp Fiction is the dance between Vincent Vega, portrayed by John Travolta, and Mia Wallace, the character of Uma Thurman.

Fight Club

Another movie with a mind-twisting ending and established a cult following is Fight Club. The cast consists of Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Helena Bonham Carter. It is a story of the character of Norton who was dissatisfied with his job. And then he meets Tyler Durden, portrayed by Pitt. They create a secret fight club wherein member fight each other and build a brotherhood.

Kill Bill

Uma Thurman may know a thing or two in creating cult movies. Here she is again with another movie that is repeatedly watched by moviegoers. She teamed up again with Quentin Tarantino to make this awesome action movie about a woman wanted to get revenge and kill the people who killed her child.

Maybe we can ask Uma Thurman to build a website detailing her style and technique in choosing the right films to be in.

Nobody really thought that The Rocky Horror Picture Show would be a big hit. It is a combination of fiction, horror, comedy, and musical genre. It is based on an actual musical stage production in 1973. People would line up and watch a weekly showing of the film.

6 thoughts on “List of Cult Movies That You Should Get a Copy Of

  1. I think it is Quentin Tarantino who really knows the formula for a great flick. He creates out-of-the-ordinary movies that people really talk about after watching the film. Of course, it is still a hit or miss for him. But you got to hand it to this guy. He knows what he’s doing.

  2. There are a lot more movies that I can add to this list. The Big Lebowski is one. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is also another. Napoleon Dynamite is the most recent that I can think of which has developed a cult following. All are awesome movies that everyone should watch and have a copy of.

  3. Cult movies are composed of two types of audiences- those that really liked it and those who absolutely abhorred the movie. Either way, cult movies created a huge noise in the industry that people go back to watch the movie over and over again. You can show these movies in theaters and you will still see people lining up.

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