List of the Best Japanese Horror Movies to Add to Your Must-Watch List

Japan has produced the best horror movies to date. It may be the culture or just the language of Japan that makes their movies fun and, at the same time, scary to watch. If you are not acquainted with the Japanese horror movie industry yet, then you are missing a lot of good movies.
Add these titles to your horror movie binge-watching list:


One of the most recognizable movies from Japan. The movie was such a hit that it had a US remake entitled The Ring.
The movie is a 1998 horror flick about a videotape of a girl who was trapped in a well. Those who watched this short videotape will die in seven days unless you get others to watch the film. I do not want to ruin the movie for you but you really have to watch the twist at the end.

Tetsuo: The Iron Man

Most of you reading this article have not been born yet when this movie was shown. Cheap website traffic was not present then. No one was even talking about tech blogs or building a website.
It is a 1989 horror film about a Japanese who has a fetish with metals. He sought revenge on the people who had run him over in an accident. The movie did not have much dialogue, which pretty much added to the gruesomeness of it.

Suicide Circle

Even the title creeps me out. It is a movie directed by Sion Sono. It is a story of the massive suicides that are happening across Japan. The detective investigates these incidents and makes rational implications of these events.
The iconic scene wherein teenage girls jump in front of an incoming train still give chills to its movie watchers worldwide.

Ju-On: The Grudge

This is another popular movie that had gained international fame. It also had a remake with Sarah Michelle Gellar at the starring role. Both movies were directed by Takashi Shimizu.
It is a low-budget film about a house where murders occur. A new family moves inside the house and they are generally influenced by the weird events that happen inside their home.

5 thoughts on “List of the Best Japanese Horror Movies to Add to Your Must-Watch List

  1. A lot of good horror movies come from Japan. It may be because of the mystery of their culture and traditions that make us scared even more. We have no idea as to why they create such good plot lines. But they are sure fun to watch. I would definitely recommend all of these to my friends.

  2. I watched The Ring even before it was shown worldwide prominence. I was so scared that I never watched another horror movie for a month. And I never accepted nor watched a videotape ever again after watching the movie. Thanks a lot, Japan. But the American remake is not that good. But that is just my opinion.

  3. I can add more titles to these awesome group of horror movies. Marebito is another scary movie. Hausu is another classic that you should watch if you are a fan of these kinds of movies. Audition is a good movie but had a slow story build up. But do watch the last 30 minutes. It’s quite disturbing.

  4. Japanese horror films can sometimes be over the top. I think the culture speaks more loudly on films than it does in real life.

  5. I find mostly Asian (not just Japanese) horror movies to be a bit lousy. They lack the recipe for that terrifying feel. 🙂

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