Horror Movies that Were Adapted from True Events

Some stories of horror movies are so mind-blowing and jaw-dropping that you have to ask how the writer came up with that story. But do you know that there are movies that are not totally fiction? Some horror movies have stories that came from real events. These stories were experienced by real people in actual places and homes.

Here is a list of movies that were inspired by factual events:

The Conjuring

The story of The Conjuring revolves around two investigators who try to figure out what is happening inside the home of a family. A lot of paranormal events were shown in the movie. The experience is a rollercoaster of screams, shock, and awe.

This movie is based on the life of Ed and Lorraine Warren, the two investigators in the movie. They were examining the events that occurred with the Perrons family in their Rhode Island farmhouse.

The Exorcist

The movie is about an innocent young girl who was possessed by the devil. Catholic priests were tapped to remove the devil from the girl through exorcism.

We know that exorcism is really done in the Catholic religion realm. We have a lot of articles online which prove that exorcism is performed by Catholic priests. This particular incident is documented and published in The Washington Post.


The story of Psycho shows a secretary who stole a big amount of money and wound up in a motel where the innkeeper is a raging murderer.

Psycho was based on the life of Ed Gein. He was a murderer and grave robber in the 50s. What is weird with the habit of this killer is that he creates belts, face masks, and chair coverings out of people’s skins.

Child’s Play

Another movie that gave chills and cringes in the 1990s was Child’s Play. If the producers of this movie tried to build a website for this movie, it will get a lot of website visitors.

It is about a killer who transferred his soul into a toy doll. He continuous his killing spree through multiple sequels.

This movie is based on a doll named Robert. The owner of the toy claimed that Robert moved throughout the house and had a lot of normal talks with him.

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  1. I personally do not like movie adaptations of real-life stories. They tend to bend the truth of what really transpired.

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