Scenarist Guide: What critics are looking for in horror movies?

Are you tired of watching the usual scare you get from horror movies? So are we. It’s time to awaken the inner Edgar Allan Poe in us. For movie makers who would like to earn good reviews and web traffic, don’t do the overused storylines we’ve all watched before. Don’t forget the element of surprise that brings the audience at the edge of their seat while eating popcorns.

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Unique Horrifying Story

Haunted houses, possessed dolls, and psychopaths were already exhausted. Every twist related to these horror stories has been watched by people zillions of times. If the piece you wrote has something to do with the usual set of horror movies, then you must pull it off with your overflowing creativity. Winning the thumbs of critics will not be easy. That’s why they are called. “Critics” anyway.

Connect Reality and Fiction

horror sceneWhat really scares people is the possibility of the scenes happening in real life. That’s why real-life stories are a hit. It’s good to remember to balance reality and fiction. Make the audience believe the “what ifs”, and your instagram followers and likes will follow. You could use fiction to bring extra flavour to the story. You may create an imbalance between the two, as long as, you can connect the story without leaving any loose ends. Critics are very keen on details. Make sure that all the scenes are relevant and not just fillers. A quality horror movie makes someone having trouble sleeping at night. To do that, you should make the story relatable and believable.

Small Hints From Scripts

When you are writing a suspense-horror movie, don’t leave the audience clueless all throughout the movie. Give them small yet chunky hints about what’s going to happen. This technique drives the audience to think and make assumptions unconsciously. The script should be written carefully worthy of vodafone pay as you go top up. The script is what brings emotions to any movie. Let the audience connect with your character through scripts.

horror scene

The Big Mind Blowing Twist

This is the hardest part for a writer or a scenarist. On this part, not only you have to connect the dots, but you also have to think of something that will blow the audience mind while leaving no trail of loose ends. If you would like your horror movie to become a hit, give the audience a story worth remembering. Don’t be afraid to shock the audience with your strong writing skills. Think. Think, and think more. If it’s good enough then it is not enough. Don’t settle for “a good enough twist”. Go for galvanizing, thrilling, and hair-raising twist.