Why Do Some People Like Watching Horror Movies?

People love different genres of movies. Some like rom-coms. Others like dramas. Some love war movies. But the one that is most baffling and yet most satisfying genres to watch is horror and scary movies.

People wonder why some would rather be shocked and terrified than just to laugh and be in love. But horror movies sell and they sell big-time. Based on the domestic box office count in the US according to Forbes.com, the highest grossing horror movie of all time is IT from Warner Bros. The movie earned $327 million in the US market and $700 million internationally.

But the question remains? Why do a lot of people like watching horror flicks?

They choose to be affected by them

Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein, a professor who was interviewed for Imagine Games Network, said that people who love horror movies want to be deeply affected by the movies that they watch. It is the same experience when you buy traffic for website and be deeply overwhelmed by the number of website visitors that check your content.

People go to the movies to be engulfed by the story. Horror movies to the same as any genre out there. The main difference is the way the plot is created and that the characters die in the end. In a way, people want their heartbeats to be raised and the fear to be increased.

We want the good guy to win

Although most moviegoers will not admit it, they still want the good guy to win. The audience’s lives are already full of horror in their work, in their career, and in their families. Even though they want to see gore and death at the beginning and middle of the movies, they would want the bad guy to die at the end and the good guy to triumph.

It is the human in us that want the person struggling with his aggressors to win over them at the end of the movie. That is why we go to sequels. We eventually want the killer protagonist to die or be eliminated. It is the sort of closure that we get from those movies.

6 thoughts on “Why Do Some People Like Watching Horror Movies?

  1. I never thought of it that way. I always routed for Jason Voorhees but unknowingly, I want him to die as well. Maybe, I just do not want the movie to end because of the sensation I feel when I get scared. But, yeah, I do want the good guy to win. Never expected that even from me.

  2. I asked these questions multiple times to my friends. Why is it so thrilling to watch horror movies even if we get scared all the time? One of them said that people may relate to the killer on why he does these despicable things. In our mind, we all have demons that we need to defeat.

  3. Can the reason for watching horror movies maybe just because we want to watch different kinds of genres. We would get bored if we watch comedy all the time. And it would be troublesome to watch romantic movies every day. Sometimes, we seek horror movies just for the heck of it.

  4. Most people who like watching horror movies are those with borderline disorders. I mean, who would enjoy watching those crappy scenes? LOL

  5. I asked you to believe in impossible things. It’s what horror movies are, always impossible to happen but mostly feared LOL

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